Estate Funding Workflow

Ettinger Consulting created this Estate Funding Workflow as your one-stop-tool to monitor, track, execute and complete your estate funding process for each client.

Estate Funding Workflow

Accommodates four types of funding

  • Client Funding w/ Verification: Client is responsible for transferring accounts according to the Asset Table. Client will provide verification of completed transfers to the firm upon completion.
  • Client Funding w/o Verification: Client is given instructions to transfer accounts and the Asset Table. Client accepts responsibility and understands that if they are not completed, their plan may not work as designed.
  • Full Funding: Firm handles all the transfer requests and collects the verifications.
  • Assisted Funding: Firm submits the transfer requests and verifications are the responsibility the client


  • Funding information is linked to each client’s Estate Planning matter
  • At-a-glance auto-calculated percentage complete
  • Simplified Tracking with custom view for each client in a single report
  • Current process status
  • Total asset value
  • Percentage complete
  • Quickly print updated Funding Tables for the client
  • Easily generate transfer requests
  • Comprehensive follow-up tasks are automatically created so that nothing slips through the cracks
  • Save hours of staff time
  • Most importantly, it’s really easy to use and learn
The system additions, workflows, and/or document templates contained in this add-on are included as examples only, and you are solely responsible for configuring the system to meet your needs and to comply with local regulatory requirements. We update and maintain this add-on as per our third-party liaison recommendations, but cannot guarantee the contents will always remain up-to-date for your region. Actionstep and other providers will not be liable under the law of tort, contract or otherwise for any loss of profits or any indirect or consequential loss or damage, however caused, arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this add-on.

These documents can be customized to your firm. Contact us for more information on customizations.

  • Funding Table: Complete list of all Assets and current status
  • Schedules for 2 Trusts (automated): Schedules A, B and C
  • Client Funding Instruction Letter: Instructions to the client on how to transfer the assets
  • Funding Change Request: Letter to Asset Company and request a change of ownership
  • Client Funding Follow up Letter: Letter to client to check if they received any verifications or if they have completed any transfers. (This is also available as an email template.)
  • Funding Complete Letter: Final Letter to Client to inform them that their Funding process is complete.
Price $8 per user/month
Author Ettinger Consulting