NetDocuments Integration

We’re very pleased to announce our integration with NetDocuments, a leader in secure cloud-based document and email management.

As part of our upgrade to the Actionstep documents page we have incorporated integrations to a number of complimentary technologies such as HotDocs, Google Drive, and DropBox (Box and TopDocs are in the works) to give users a choice in document storage and assembly strategies. The recent release of the integration with NetDocuments is a continuation of that strategy.

What’s different about the NetDocuments integration is that we display the native NetDocuments user interface inside Actionstep. This allows NetDocuments users to operate on their documents the same way, whether they are in Actionstep, or whether they are accessing NetDocuments directly.

Email Management

A powerful feature of NetDocuments is the way it allows you to store emails along with your documents.

Microsoft Outlook (.msg) email messages are filed to NetDocuments by dragging and dropping the email (EMS Folders), or tagging through predictive filing (EMS Profiler). In both scenarios, the file is copied to NetDocuments, remains as a .msg file, and is located in either the workspace or folder. Firm-wide administrative settings allow for removal from Outlook, or replication across Outlook at NetDocuments. Attachments are kept intact and searchable in the service.

You can use this in conjunction with, or as a complete replacement to, Actionstep email.

Setup and Costs

There is no additional charge from Actionstep to use the NetDocuments integration however you will need to have a valid NetDocuments account to use this facility. Please contact NetDocuments directly for details.

Once you have a NetDocuments account you can link it to your Actionstep system by following these instructions from the user guide.

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