“Wiki” (new feature)

With the ActionStep AppStore about to be released we were faced with a challenge:  how do we selectively include sections of the KnowledgeBase to publish with the Apps?

The answer was to create a mini Knowledge Base that was specific to an Action Type (matter type).  While we were at it we addressed some issues that have niggled us about the KnowledgeBase design such as consistent style sheets, online content editing, and an easy way to include images.  The result is the new Action Type “Wiki” which now appears as an icon in the matter detail screen.

The wiki can be exported with a workflow configuration to create a self-contained “App” on the AppStore.  The Wiki can function as a User Guide for the app and also a container for all the supporting resources for the App.  Think of it as a dumping ground for all that valuable intellectual property that you have stored in your brain.

Articles, and even sections within articles, can be linked not only to Steps, but aslo to Tasks and Custom Data fields.  This makes it a perfect tool for context-sensitive help for your workflow or App.


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