Enhanced Billing Mode

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Enhanced Billing Mode


Enhanced Billing Mode (EBM) offers a broad range of new features and enhancements to Actionstep’s billing and reporting functionality.

EBM is automatically enabled for new clients. If you’re an existing client of Actionstep, or using a demo system, you can request to switch from ‘classic billing’ to EBM by filling in the form, or contacting your Actionstep Certified Consultant.

What you need to know:

  • The Actionstep User Guide provides a summary of key changes you will need to be aware of before switching to EBM. It is important you read this carefully as some features have changed significantly.
  • As EBM is still in an ‘Early Adopter’ stage, you may encounter a software bug from time to time. While we’ve worked hard to squash as many of them as possible, you can help us improve the product by reporting any issues you encounter through the support team. We will fix any bugs that you report as a priority.
  • When migrating your Actionstep system to EBM, the structure of your database is changed, which means we will be unable to revert your system to ‘classic billing’.

Where to get help

You should find the new features intuitive and easy to use. However, if you have any questions or need support, you can:

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