Getting Social

gettingsocialA practice management system may look dull if you’re staring at a list of matters, but under the hood things are constantly changing. These changes reflect the dynamic workings of your firm. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see things as they happen? It’s time to get social!

We recently engaged an independent “User Experience” (UX) expert to interview current and prospective clients to find out what they really expect from a practice management system.  When asked what they wanted to see when they log into their practice management system each day, two answers came through loud and clear:

  1. I need to record what I’ve been doing“, and
  2. I want to see what’s happened since I last logged in“.

In Unburden your Mind we answered question 1. Here we answer question 2.

What’s going on around me?

Actionstep keeps a session log for what each user does in the system: add file notes, record time, upload documents, etc. This can make for some boring reading if you looked at it in a report (unless you’re an auditor), but it does open a window into what is happening in the firm in real time. The trick is to present this information in a meaningful way.

Going Social

So we asked for volunteers and simultaneously videoed their facial expressions and the computer screen as they navigated through a few concept designs. Pauses and furrowed brows were interleaved with relaxed expressions and “aha” moments. We re-iterated until we eliminated the furrowed brows and maximised the “aha”s. The result? A social media style real-time timeline of what is happening in the firm.

Activity Log


The list automatically updates every few seconds and gives you a real sense of what is going on round you.  Check it out – you may be surprised :).

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