Tagging VIP Clients

I love it when I find a “hidden” feature in ActionStep.  It goes to show how long we’ve been around.

This afternoon I was adding some new capabilities to our property conveyancing App for New Zealand and came across a requirement to warn users if certain participants are known to the firm, and require “special attention”.

It triggered a memory of a similar requirement we had years ago for client that conducts investigations.  The investigators need to know if certain participants have a history of violence before doing a site visit.  To accommodate this we added a generic “Tag” feature to ActionStep contacts and allows users to choose a special icon and text style to highlight the associated contacts within matters.

After a little rummaging around I found this “undocumented feature” and tried it out in the conveyancing workflow.  And what do you know, it worked perfectly!

Like all new features we try to design them generically so that they will work in a wide variety of settings.  This one was no different, and it can be easily adapted for many uses.  Examples include:

  • VIP Clients,
  • Serial tire-kickers
  • Competitors
  • Clients with special needs
  • Etc


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