Upgraded Calendar Sync – Nice!

There’s nothing like a road trip to generate some good stories. We’ve just completed a tour of the US East Coast, installing some of the newest features at a number of client sites. One thing that jumped out was how nicely our new approach to Calendar Sync worked out.

calendarDirect sync with Exchange and Google Calendars

The new way of syncing calendars with ActionStep is to simply “attach” your external calendars to ActionStep. This means that ActionStep is directly connected to your existing calendar and avoids all the syncing headaches found in many applications.

Lawyers love calendars

We sort of knew this already, but when you see the delight on the faces of the staff when they can instantly share calendars around the office, post appointments on the partner’s calendar and have it show up on their iPhone immediate, you realize how central the calendars are to a legal practice. So the first thing we did was get the new clients connected to their calendars. They could then continue to run their firm as we performed the data migration and email hookups behind the scenes.

One-minute setup

Setup couldn’t be easier – simply click the “+” icon on the calendar screen and login to your external calendar. Done! It literally takes less than a minute. Add as many calendars as you want. All existing synchronization to smartphones, Outlook, etc. remains in place. Once connected to ActionStep you have an immediate bi-directional sync with all devices connected to your external calendar.

Next Time

We will talk about Outlook integration and automated data conversion in the next few posts because these topics also deserve their own space.

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