Product Update October 2020

It has been a busy year so far for Actionstep. From updates to our Outlook Practice Management Hub, improvements to our support channels, not to mention numerous feature releases & updates. In this update, we highlight some of the changes our team has made to help customers continue to get the most from Actionstep.

If you haven't already, you should also check out our recorded New & Noteworthy mid-year review.

New & Noteworthy Product Highlights

Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365

So much more than email filing - A matter management hub in your inbox!

We know lawyers spend much of their day in email. With Actionstep’s Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365, you can manage your matters and organize your inbox as you work. There is no need to jump between Outlook and your matters to keep things updated.

Stay in Outlook as you:

- View & update file notes
- File emails & attachments
- Attach filed documents to emails
- Track time
- Apply Actionstep email templates to emails
- Assign & complete tasks
- Add contacts to emails & much more!

Take another look at this game-changing release, designed to save you hours of admin and keep your data up to date as you work.

Check out the video summary of our Outlook Hub

Install the add-in

Instant Support Through Intercom

Actionstep uses Intercom as our main support channel for better communication and customer engagement.

Intercom chat works in real-time, so it will connect you directly to an available member of our support team from any screen in Actionstep.

Rather than waiting to speak to someone on the phone, Intercom instantly alerts our team of your issue - meaning you can continue working.

On chat, you can provide and receive screenshots, videos and GIF’s, for context and solutions. Plus a record of the conversation is created so that you can easily refer back to it if needed.

You can find the intercom chat bubble on the bottom right of your Actionstep screen - or on our website.

We are ready and waiting for your chat!

Bring Your Data to Life

Actionable insights about the health of your firm

Our daily data export let's firms pull their data into external reporting tools and create stunning visual reports based on productivity, matter progress, billings, client activity, new business development or anything else that matters to your firm.

For firm's using MS Office, the daily data export can feed your Power BI reports. A number of our partners have created report sets for law firms that can be tailored to your needs.

Check them out

Do More With NetDocuments

This month our team has been working on multiple improvements to our NetDocuments integration. Sourced from user feedback, these improvements will help users generate documents, create matters & workspaces and some User Interface improvements.

Changes include:

  • Send matter type when creating a new matter.
  • The Workspace name updates when the matter name or client name on the matter is updated.
  • Generated documents will populate in NetDocuments when NetDocuments is set up in a system (the document does not generate to Actionstep's document management to avoid confusion).
  • NetDocuments users now only see the NetDocuments document generation within the system.
  • Send close date to NetDocuments when we close a matter so the NetDocuments workspace is closed when the Actionstep one is.

NetDocument & Actionstep in Action!

Putting Your 'Trust' In Xero

Excuse the bad pun, but Xero in Actionstep just received a fantastic new update that will help anyone using Trust Accounting in Xero.

This change allows users to choose if trust transactions will be pushed through to Xero. You will still have to create trust bank accounts and liability accounts in Xero but the transactions that you create for Trust in Actionstep, will not automatically be pushed through to Xero.

You can choose to switch this off as you configure trust for the first time in Actionstep and after that, you will see this option on the Trust additional settings screen (Admin > Trust Accounting > Additional Settings).

Count On Filters

Sometimes when you open a list view in Actionstep, a filter from a prior session remains in place. You may not realize that you're not looking at the complete list. To help this we've added a filter counter that displays how many filters are changing the list view. So you can de-select or change the filtering to what you need.

Other Updates

Keep Updated

Throughout the month we push a lot of changes and updates.

Keep updated on these changes by checking out our 'What's New' page in our user guide:

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