Custom List Views: Real time practice reports, in custom formats

Nominated by Greg Sando, Director of WorkCloud Solutions one of Actionstep's Australian partners, our latest Feature Spotlight gives you amazing insight into how your practice is doing: Custom list views. 

We asked Greg 3 questions and here are his responses. We hope you check them out and love Custom list views as much as Greg does!

Why I love it

Custom list views are what we call reports in Actionstep. These can be used for custom report building either as a list you access in Actionstep or as a list you can export to excel for further analysis. These list views can be used to manage any number of business processes. The possibilities are endless. If the information is in the system, it can be included in a list view.

For example a conveyancing lawyer might want to see:

(a) The weeks' conveyancing settlements or court dates

(b) The number of new inquiries this month or perhaps just the ones that have not been responded to within 5 days

(c) The matters that have no trust funds but have disbursements charged

(d) A time record / disbursement list or total per time recorder to enhance WIP reporting

What it does

Using list views, you can custom create your own reports with custom columns, which can then be sorted, filtered and moved around. Save sets of custom views and saved filters for future reporting. Export any view to excel with 2 clicks and automate reporting by getting these excel lists sent to you at a regular time each week via the Heads Up Rule feature.

How it makes a difference to law firms

Custom lists can be used by law firms to manage any number of business processes. You can get live updates of the progress of your matters, contact records, tasks, time records and disbursements. You get real time insights into your work progress and your staff's work progress. You get the information you need to make changes to processes if required or see issues that need to be resolved. Because it's customisable, you can see just the information you need and remove any unnecessary information. Save your lists and filters for future reference and have list views emailed to you on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly) so the information is easy to get to and delivered whenever you need it.

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Written by Actionstep Product Team