Effortless EasyCodes

Effortless EasyCodes completely automates your UTBMS coding for Actionstep Users.

Law firms should not have to manually enter LEDES (UTBMS) codes. Now they don’t have to.

Effortless EasyCodes completely eliminates the need for LEDES (UTBMS) coding of billing entries and all of the inaccuracies and idiosyncratic errors that go with it. 

Get an entire month of billing coded in minutes. Import your entries from Actionstep in one click, all LEDES (UTBMS) codes will be automatically applied, then export the coded entries back to Actionstep for invoicing. 

That’s it!


Learns From Your Changes:

Effortless EasyCodes comes with a pre-trained data set for easy setup. Alternatively, you can easily import your own billing records directly from ActionStep for more tailored results. Either way, the app learns from your own billing records each month to quickly conform to your specific billing practices.


Only One User Account Needed:

With a single user account, Effortless EasyCodes lets you: (1) Quickly import new entries for all timekeepers in your entire firm with one click; (2) Have all UTBMS codes applied automatically, with no pulldown menus or other human involvement needed; (3) Make any edits you want with super-fast inline editing; and then (4) Update your billing entries in Actionstep with one-click.


Set Up Is Quick and Easy:

Get set up in under 5 minutes! A video on our website shows you how to set up Effortless EasyCodes in about 4 minutes.

Watch Effortless EasyCodes Video Today!

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