2024 US Midsize Law Firm Priorities Report

With stress levels remaining consistent and the pressure for midsize law firms to do more with less, law firm professionals are finding new ways to keep up with changing client expectations, improve productivity, and attract the next-generation workforce in 2024.

Our 2024 research examines the trends and endeavors of nearly 400 law firm professionals who work at midsize law firms in the United States, including legal and administrative roles. The research captures hard data on what’s impacting law firm operations compared to our 2023 research and what opportunities exist for these law firms to be more strategic with their investments.

Key findings include:

  • Stress is a fact of life for law firm employees, but many are taking steps to manage it
  • Midsize law firms are doing well at fostering connection
  • Non-billable tasks continue to impact productivity
  • Law firms are adapting how they invest in technology

Use the insights and our key takeaways to inform your law firm’s growth, client management, and people strategies for the upcoming year, or use this report to better understand what other law firms are focusing on.

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