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Actionstep has everything you need to run your law firm including case management, integrated billing and accounting, and more. But that's just the beginning. Actionstep's unique workflow technology helps you revolutionize your legal practice and reach new heights in efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Unique Workflow Technology

Actionstep puts a powerful workflow system at the heart of your matters in a series of steps and decision trees. Establish the correct process to follow for each type of case, automate your firm, and rest assured that nothing will get missed.

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Actionstep Legal Practice Management System

Everything you need to power your law firm

Handle all your front and back office needs from one system. You can even use it to manage marketing, sales, employees, passwords, and more. See all of Actionstep’s features…

Actionstep Legal Practice Management System

Automation gives you back your time

Generate complex documents and emails with the click of a button, auto-assign tasks, receive automated reports, and exceed your client’s expectations. Learn more…

Actionstep Legal Practice Management System

You can work from anywhere

100% cloud-based. All you need is an internet connection and web browser. Get a copy of your data at any time, and choose from a variety of data centers around the globe. Learn more…

Actionstep testimonial

Actionstep enabled us to build our internal procedures into automatically-generated tasks and workflows, and in combination with other customizable features, it has streamlined processes, improved communication, and allowed us to serve our clients more efficiently. It has been an integral part of our firm’s growth and success over the past two years.

-Malinda Joshi, Elder Law of East Tennessee

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