Time is Money

Actionstep helps you make the most of your time by
ensuring that you don’t miss any billable time, automating routine tasks, and
making it easy to find information quickly.


Get Sales

Manage new and existing clients through our range of Customer Relationship Management tools. Setup and give them access to their own Client Portal.

Matter Management

Get Work Done

Follow a prescribed workflow, add file notes, send emails and book appointments in your calendar. Automate tasks, messaging and document generation.


Get Paid

Setup an unlimited number of accounts. Invoice for fixed fee or time billing. Manage trust accounts. Report on everything.

In the cloud

Actionstep is a cloud based web application for Mac or PC. No need to worry about backups, upgrades or expensive servers. You just need a computer with a browser.

World class support

We offer dedicated email and phone support to answer all your questions within the shortest time possible. We’re committed to world class support.

Integrations and Apps

Our range of installable apps and plugins give you access to expert resources and the power of applications such as HotDocs, Google Mail, Microsoft Office & Xero.

What our clients have to say

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There are so many things we fell in love with, but the thing we love most about Actionstep is the reporting.

Liana Bateman

Bellomo & Associates

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We chose Actionstep because it gave us a flexibility to format things to fit our small practice.

Mary Huff

Stephanoff Renillo

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One of the great aspects of Actionstep is the efficiency and productivity… you only enter information once.

David Hayward

Shirley Law

I feel like I’ve just been plucked out of a model T and plopped into a Maserati … zoom! I’m just thrilled to have my Actionstep program and apps. Something like this is a lifesaver for a solo practitioner!

J A Tucker, Esq.

New York City, NY

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