Our partners can provide you with a range of services around Actionstep. Some are specialized in specific technologies or practice areas and others provide general support for workflow consulting, document automation, data migration, Actionstep configuration and training.

  • AB Sims

    A.B. Sims Consulting is a provider of technology consulting services for law firms.  Founded in 1992 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the firm is now headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.  We are experienced and always growing in experience and knowledge.  We are ready to help you navigate the legal software maze.


    Kansas City, MO

  • Active Practice LLC

    You can rely on the advice and information we give you. You benefit from our broad knowledge and deep experience in applying technology to law offices.


    Edina, MN

  • Basha Systems

    Since 1996, Basha Systems LLC has been dedicated to redesigning the legal process through technology. Specifically, we focus on those technological solutions that drive productivity and decrease cost. Our goal is to bring affordable legal services to all people, by driving down the cost of providing legal services, while, at the same time, making the provision of those same legal services more profitable. We specialize in document assembly, workflow automation, and practice management. As part of the 3545 Consulting we bring a team of over 25 consulting professionals to bear building solutions for our clients.


    New York, NY

  • Affinity Consulting

    Affinity Consulting is led by a group of lawyers, speakers and IT experts. If you are looking for a team you can partner with that will help improve your law office you’ve found them here, at Affinity Consulting.


    Locations all around the USA

  • D Brash Consulting

    For over 20 years Deborah Brash was a sole proprietor Art Director, providing high-end graphic design services on both Macintosh and PC platforms for a wide variety of national and local clients.

    In Pittsburgh, she worked for an elder law practice where she implemented document management systems, created document automation templates, trained staff, drafted complex documents and eventually moved the entire platform of the firm to the Cloud.

    Deborah is a Certified Consulting Partner for Actionstep and consults on document management, document automation and Cloud practice management systems.


    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Infinite Time Solution


    Addison, TX

  • Law Office Technology Solutions

    Law Office Technology Solutions has over 15 Years of experience specializing in providing legal technology consulting services. A successful law firm depends on smart practice management. A good practice management system should allow you to manage virtually every piece of information in your practice. ActionStep is leading the way with a feature set that can’t be matched. Law Office Technology Solutions can assist you in taking your practice to the next level using ActionStep. We offer full customization, training and a guided hand in helping through this process.


    Long Island, NY

  • Mainbrace Consulting

    You bought ActionStep to solve a problem, make life easier, or help you create something bigger. Get there faster and easier with Mainbrace. Call to find out how.


    Jacksonville, FL

  • Matrix Solutions

    Switching practice management systems doesn’t have to be a complicated, difficult process. It shouldn’t be – and, with us, it won’t be. At Matrix Solutions, we offer a unique approach to keeping your systems running, your investment affordable and your possibilities limitless.


    Brandon, MS

  • OTB Consulting

    OTB Consulting has been a leader in law practice management consulting since 1994. We have designed and implemented legal workflow systems for thousands of law firms of all sizes and practice areas, nationally and internationally, that increase a law firm’s productivity and efficiency, and improve the quality of legal services the firm is able to deliver to its clients, at a lower cost. Using this experience, OTB developed the U.S. Litigation Packages that are available on the Actionstep App store.

    OTB combines its experience and expertise with the cutting-edge workflow tools of ActionStep to bring the benefits of our systems approach to the Cloud, which reduces infrastructure costs so that you can concentrate on practicing law, and not have to be a part-time computer technician.


    Cary, NC