About Us

We continually push the boundaries to take legal software to new frontiers.

About Us

As the first true cloud-based practice management system in the world, Actionstep’s mission is to free lawyers from the constraints of old desktop technology and to build truly efficient and modern practices.


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If I had to describe our fantastic team here at Actionstep, I would say: a passion for innovating, the courage to break new ground, and a fundamental belief in delivering unquestionable value to our clients.

- Ted Jordan, CEO & Founder

What powers us

We’re focused on two things – delivering unquestionable value to our customers, and having fun while doing it. We strongly believe in integrity, quality, and treating customers and employees with respect. Not just corporate-speak, it’s built into our culture and we live by these values every day.


The Actionstep Story

Actionstep is the brainchild of founder Ted Jordan, who moved to New Zealand after spending 15-years running software companies in the United States. Ted was responsible for the design and development of software applications for a wide variety of businesses; everything from Fortune 500 and US Federal Government clients, through to small businesses.

What Ted has noticed over the years was that no matter how different these companies seemed on the outside, they were all very similar under the hood when it came to their business software needs.

The main difference was their ‘workflow’, or what processes they followed to get their work done. Traditionally the workflow was baked into the software, and gave rise to the era of what Ted describes as ‘two-million dollar, two-year custom software solutions’. Ted’s idea was to remove the workflow from the software and allow clients to modify it to their needs without having to write any code. That gave rise to Actionstep.

Initially Actionstep was offered as a general business solution and not focused on any particular industry. Early adopters included a construction franchise, law firms, and teams within government agencies. However a clear pattern started to emerge about the types of businesses that were most attracted to Actionstep, and those were businesses with a strong focus on compliance and/or process. After a few years, the overwhelming majority of Actionstep clients were law firms, and the decision was made to embrace the legal sector and tailor the software to their needs.

Actionstep has spread from New Zealand into Australia and the United States, and now has physical offices in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.


Ted Jordan, CEO, Actionstep
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