Conveyancing Australia

Based on the Property Transactions and E-Dealing practice guidelines.

Used by hundreds of firms, the Conveyancing Konekta for Actionstep is your one stop shop for managing your conveyancing transactions within Actionstep.

Konekta Conveyancing supports Sale, Purchase and OTP transaction types in the one Matter Type for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and ACT with a generic workflow for other states.

The Conveyancing add-on includes:

  • Workflow steps
  • Automatic Tasks to help you manage your conveyancing transaction Data fields to record all details of your transaction
  • Matter Participant types
  • Automated Templates & Forms
  • Settlement Calculator
  • Stamp Duty Calculator (QLD only)
  • PEXA Integration
  • InfoTrack Integration

You can also integrate the ‘Email to SMS’ Konekta with your conveyancing add on to provide seamless communication to your clients, brokers and real estate agents involved in the transaction. Click here to learn more about the ‘Email to SMS ‘ Konekta

Conveyancing WorkFlow

Complete workflow to manage every stage of your transaction.

Fully customisable so you can add additional tasks, steps or automation as you require

Keep on top of your matters and know exactly where you up to and what you need to do next

Conveyancing Parties

All your parties involved in the transaction in one spot! Record everything from the property address to the Otherside, to Council and through to the tenant.

Actionstep will then automatically link all the matters for a given contact so that you can track which Agents and Brokers are providing you work.

Settlement Calculator

With the inbuilt settlement calculator you can quickly and simply add the required adjustments, Payees and product a PDF statement for settlement.

Add unlimited Adjustments and adjust as paid or unpaid.

Handy Outlook templates that will pre-populate your Cheque directions for the bank and also the Other side.

Templates & Forms

The Conveyancing add-on is jammed packed with Templates and Forms. These are installed by State/Territory and are automatically updated by Konekta.

Click here to view a list of all the forms and templates currently available.

Data Fields & Workflow

All the hard work has been done for you with no further setup required within Actionstep.

The Conveyancing Konekta for Actionstep includes over 100 different data points to capture every part of your conveyancing transaction.

These range from Key Dates such as 'Contract Date', 'Building & Pest Date', 'Settlement Date' etc to every possible detail about the property you are transacting such as Lot Number, Title Reference, Safety Switch Installed, to a Pool certificate.

All of these data fields form part of the automation to generate the documents and forms including in the Conveyancing add-on.

Smart Integrations for the Conveyancer


The Conveyancing add-on also provides 'smart' connections to:

  1. PEXA
  2. InfoTrack and GlobalX
  3. First Title

These integrations merge your matter data from Conveyancing Matter and auto populate (pre-fill) the integrated system saving your valuable time and effort whilst increasing accuracy.

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