Our Feature Spotlight series focuses on Actionstep features that our customers love to use the most, can't do without, and find super helpful!

As an all-in-one, adaptable platform for law firms, Actionstep handles all major practice management activity and is highly configurable to suit each firm. However, did you know that 'configurability' also extends beyond Actionstep's own features and functionality - to how our software interacts with other tools that firms may use.

And that's why this month’s Feature Spotlight, provided by our Gold Partner Verlata, is all about Actionstep's API and Integration capabilities.

Unlock endless custom integration opportunities and truly automate your practice using Actionstep’s API.

So often we hear that law firms wish their multitude of programs would talk to one another. In case you didn’t know, Actionstep has plenty of native integrations with other software solutions, all listed here on the Actionstep Marketplace. Actionstep also has open APIs which allow for custom connections to other programs for data exchange and automation.

Why We Love Actionstep’s Integrations and API

There isn’t another legal cloud PMS on the market that integrates with as many programs as Actionstep. Gone are the days of having a “one-stop-shop” solution to run your practice. Now we see firms utilising a range of amazing tools to service their clients. Actionstep integrates with programs including Outlook, NetDocuments, Xero, MiTimes, Josef and many more. These integrations help reduce manual data entry and create a holistic solution for your practice.

If an integration with Actionstep and another cloud program does not currently exist, chances are a custom connection can be built to automate and share data between the two using Actionstep APIs and tools such as Microsoft’s Power Automate (Flow). By accessing data through the Actionstep APIs, you can push and pull your live data into and from Actionstep.

How It Helps Law Firms

Integrations and automations are the way of the future and with Actionstep, you have these possibilities at your fingertips. Time-saving, system controls and a more valuable and consistent experience for your clients are just a few benefits for your law firm.

Consider what you’d like to automate in your practice and how these processes could be streamlined across the software you use. No idea is too obscure – let your imagination run wild! Verlata Consulting can help explore these opportunities with you.

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Written by Kelly McEvoy, Director, Verlata Consulting