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Feature Spotlight: Actionstep's 'Calendars'

Let’s face it, calendars organize our lives and play a critical role in every firm. Did you know that Actionstep allows you to have many distinct calendars?

Why I Love It

Most lawyers want to share their calendars with different staff members but do not want to share personal appointments or confidential matters. Actionstep gives you the option to create various calendars and share them with staff members while controlling the rights each member has to each calendar. For example, you can give John the ability to see your appointments but not allow him to make changes or additions. At the same time, you can share your calendar with Mary and allow her to update your calendar with new information.

What It Does

The Actionstep calendar organizes and segments your time to fit your needs.

With Actionstep Calendars, you can create multiple calendars with differing access permissions to help you manage separate parts of your business and personal lives. If you are like me, you need a calendar to keep up with children’s sporting events, weekend plans and birth dates, but you don’t want to clutter up your office calendar with these events. The beauty of this system is that Actionstep allows you to see each calendar independently of the others and combine them into a single view to see all events in a single view. You can even color-code the events based on the calendar they live on!

Because Actionstep can connect to Office365 and Google calendars, it is simple to view calendars outside of your organization. Maybe your spouse uses the free Google calendar to organize family events and you need to check to see if they are available to pick up the kids from an appointment because you have to work late. You have the power to control all calendars from a single application!

Finally, you can use this feature to create multiple conference room calendars so that you can easily check the availability of the necessary resources you need to schedule a meeting.

How It Makes a Difference to Law Firms

Actionstep’s calendars help you and your law firm to stay on top of all facets of your law practice and your personal life. Use Actionstep calendars to manage and save your time and share what you have available with clients, colleagues, consultants and friends and family.

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Written by Mark Deal, President at Document and Data Solutions