Password Manager App: Manage all your passwords

Nominated by Ted Jordan who is the CEO at Actionstep, our latest Feature Spotlight helps you to manage all the passwords in your business.

We asked Ted 3 questions and here are his responses. We hope you check them out and love the Password Manager App as much as Ted does!

Why I love it

Password Managers are such a simple way to control the ever-growing list of passwords we accumulate. They are a necessity in today’s technological climate as we all use so many tools to do our jobs and run our lives. Having the password app built-in to my Actionstep system makes the entire process simple to set up and manage.

What it does

The Password Manager is a free app that anyone using Actionstep can download from the Actionstep marketplace. It’s a Workflow App designed to help you manage all the passwords in your business. Since it’s set up as a matter, you already know how to use it! To grant someone access you just have to add them as a specific participant type.

How it makes a difference to law firms

The Password Manager app keeps you organized and stops you from having to search for long-forgotten passwords, leading to increased productivity. Moreover, it provides a secure way to store and share sensitive information.

There is total transparency and security over which participant types can access different systems - so there’s no confusion about who has access to what.

This feature also utilizes all of the features that make Actionstep matters so great: the ability to create file notes, provide relevant document storage, keep track of account expenses, and a way to link related contacts.

It keeps track of websites, usernames, and account numbers in one place within the system.

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Written by Actionstep Product Team