Mid - Year Product Highlights 2020

Product Highlights

At Actionstep we aim to help lawyers thrive, making every day more productive by building smart automation into your practice and integrating with systems you use on a day to day basis.

We've had some great releases this year with new features, on-going product updates and improvements to enhance our customer experience.

Key Global Highlights:

  • Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365
  • Instant Support Through Intercom

US Customer Highlights:

Australian Customer Highlights:

NZ Customer Highlights:

UK Customer Highlights:

  • A Range of New Add-ons to Enhance your System

Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365

So much more than email filing - A matter management hub in your inbox!

With Actionstep’s Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365, you can manage your matters and organize your inbox as you work. There is no need to jump between Outlook and your matters to keep things updated.

Stay in Outlook as you:

- View & update file notes
- File emails & attachments
- Attach filed documents to emails
- Track time
- Apply Actionstep email templates to emails
- Assign & complete tasks
- Add contacts to emails & much more!

Take another look at this game-changing release, designed to save you hours of admin and keep your data up to date as you work.

Check out our video summary of the Add-in >>

Find out more about using /installing the Add-in >>

Instant Support Through Intercom

Actionstep uses Intercom as our main support channel for better communication and customer engagement.

Intercom chat works in real-time, so it will connect you directly to an available member of our support team from any screen in Actionstep.

Rather than waiting to speak to someone on the phone, Intercom instantly alerts our team of your issue - meaning you can continue working.

On chat, you can provide and receive screenshots, videos and GIF’s, for context and solutions. Plus a record of the conversation is created so that you can easily refer back to it if needed.

You can find the intercom chat bubble on the bottom right of your Actionstep screen - or on our website.

We are ready and waiting for your chat!

Actionstep + LawPay are all you need to run a dynamic practice

Together, Actionstep and LawPay equips you with robust billing and payments tools as part of one practice management system. Enabling you to handle all your front and back office responsibilities in one system.

Actionstep's Integration with LawPay, helps law firms:

Get paid faster: Simplify billing and improve cash flow by allowing clients to choose how they pay.
Automate payment records: Streamline payment processes and receive automatic payment notifications.
Leverage Actionstep automation to get paid: Prompting users to pay through the emails and bills you send while also providing links straight to the LawPay payment process. Keep payment data safe: LawPay’s technology exceeds standards for internet security and PCI Level 1 compliance. Find out more >>

Actionstep + GlobalX

Did you know that you can get direct access to GlobalX search from Actionstep matters?

GlobalX is a user friendly search & information broker for property, company, business & regulatory information. With flexible commercial terms and an outstanding support function, GlobalX is noted for excellent customer service.

Actionstep's integration with GlobalX Search gives Actionstep users direct access to GlobalX Search products from within your client matters files.

How can this integration benefit you?

Instant, integrated access to GlobalX - Property, company & business information 
Track your searches - GlobalX searches are automatically linked to matters
Search results where you need them - Direct return of the search results into related matter folders within Actionstep
Automated billing - Automatic allocation of associated disbursements to client matters 

Find out more >>

Actionstep + VigilanceAML

Compliance With No Complications

Actionstep's complete, cloud-based legal practice management system and VigilanceAML's comprehensive system takes the uncertainty out of compliance.

Fully Integrated Practice Management & AML Platform: Actionstep + VigilanceAML gives users a fully automated compliance process with 2 way updating, instant in-app reporting and confidence in compliance.

Streamline Auditing & avoid non-compliance fines: Make use of the extensive AML knowledge of VigilanceAML plus gain access to their network of AML auditors and independent consultants.

Complete Compliance Local & International: GDPR, CDD, Ongoing Due Diligence, made for New Zealand lawyers. This integration gives confidence and time back to lawyers.

Learn more >>

New & Updated Add-ins

Supercharge Your Firms Data - Viewpoint by Verlata

Viewpoint is a toolkit for law firm management teams to supercharge your reporting and bring data to life. It is a dynamic and interactive set of dashboards and reports that give you a holistic, birds eye view of your firm with the ability to easily deep dive into data points.

Conveyancing – Residential Property Add-on

Make your Actionstep system even more powerful with the Residential Property Add-on by Advantage Consulting. Advantage Consulting’s Property matter types include Purchase, Sale, Lease, Remortgage and Transfer of Equity. The workflow contains the key stages of a property transaction such as mortgage offer in, searches in, etc. so you can easily see the status of the matter.

Staff Management & Wellbeing with LawCare

Manage your employees and recruiting process. From interviews & recruitment to employee agreements. Customise this workflow add-on to suit your needs.

Written by Actionstep Product Team