Accounting, Billing & Trust (ABT) and Usability are two core themes for Actionstep's development in 2021. We have been actively working on ways for you to use Actionstep more intuitively and effectively and have better experiences with our accounting functionality. Read more about our recent product updates, new integration partners, and other news below.

Quarter 1

New Email Functionality - Configure Actionstep’s Email to Suit Your Needs


The new Actionstep Email streamlines your email by allowing you to configure personal mailboxes which you can use when sending emails out of Actionstep. It will also allow admin users to configure a system mailbox that all users can utilize when sending emails out of Actionstep.

The update was introduced to enhance the customization and flexibility of Actionstep’s email functionality, these include:

  • Ability to send emails out of Actionstep using your own personal email address
  • Users can now configure their own personal mailbox in Actionstep so that as they send emails they can be from their own personal address
  • Configure multiple shared outbound mailboxes
  • While still supporting the same methods for getting emails into Actionstep, this allows a firm to be able to setup any number of shared mailboxes that staff can use to send emails out of Actionstep. These addresses can be used by any staff member to ensure that your communication is coming from the right people.

Learn more through our user guides below.

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The New X-Factor of Security: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


Manage security functions effectively with our new MFA update.

We have released a new function to help you manage situations internally when one of your users cannot access a second device to complete MFA (e.g., lost phone). Users with permission to edit and grant logins to a system can switch off MFA for a user while they regain access. This means that you (or our Customer Support team) do not have to get involved & the responsibility is placed on your firm to ensure that MFA is only removed from a user when required.

Sign In to Actionstep Using Microsoft or Google – SSO


Is it hard to remember all the passwords for all the different services you use? If you use a Microsoft or Google account, you can now access Actionstep using the login details for those accounts. To use this single sign-on (SSO) function - next time you go log in select the Microsoft or Google logo from the Actionstep sign-in page and follow the prompts.

Read More About This Function.

A New Look


We have redesigned our Sign In Page and Launchpad, making it quicker and easier for you to log in to Actionstep and launch to where you need to go.

Automate Critical Client Reviews


Continuing our focus on enabling law firms to create exceptional client experiences for their clients, we are pleased to announce that Actionstep has integrated with Repsight.

Available for our US customers, Repsight allows firms to request client feedback on the closure of cases in Actionstep and publish that feedback directly on review sights like Google, Facebook, Avvo and and receive alerts when they have a new review or their score changes. Showcasing these customer reviews is a critical component of getting noticed online and building a law firm's reputation and business through word-of-mouth.

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Connect Actionstep & Repsight

Quarter 2

Visual Update to The Actionstep Mobile App


We have redesigned the layout and functions of the Actionstep mobile app to be more user friendly.

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Throughout the month we push a lot of changes and updates.

Stay updated on these changes by checking out our 'What's New' page in our user guide.​

New Quick-Add Contact Form


Accelerate Your Matter Opening Process!

Reduce time spent on matter opening - our new quick-add contact form provides a faster route to billable work.

Our quick-add contact form is short and easily navigated. Simply add basic client details in order to open matters. Don’t worry if you need to add more contact details later, the longer form is still just a click away.

For now, due to certain regulatory or firm mandated contact field requirements, Community Legal Centres will not have access to the new quick-add form. Users with Australian Trust Configurations also will not have access but are likely to have access in future versions.

Aged Receivables Filtering Capabilities


Our updated filtering capabilities are now more refined when looking at reports. This update allows you to filter reports by ‘matter status’. This will allow you to only see the open/active matters, or any combination of active, inactive, and closed when reviewing those matters for which payment is owed.

You can also save your valuable time with the new option to simply summarize aged receivables by client and/or matter.


NetDocuments Update


We’ve made a recent improvement that will detect if you have SSO enabled for NetDocuments and if you do, it will redirect you to use it to authorize yourself, saving time.

Actionstep API and Developer Portal


For those of you who would like to develop integrations, Actionstep has an API built to best practice industry standards. Our API supports 180 endpoints to retrieve, create, and update data stored in Actionstep.

We have updated our API Developer Portal which hosts a range of information that can help you to accelerate your learning. Leverage even more value from Actionstep for your Legal Practice.

Check out the Actionstep API Developer Portal here.

Disbursement/Expense Tracking


If you are a practice that needs to collect payments from your clients before you pay your vendors, it can be a headache tracking if those expenses can be paid. Expense Tracking will solve that.

We have created a new standard view for all systems where you can see the vendor invoices that are ready to be paid. Actionstep will also alert users that they can pay a vendor as soon as they have processed a client payment. Because we know you like to customize your Actionstep system, we have introduced a number of new options to show details about the bill and the vendor invoice in your custom expense list views.

Bank and Credit Cards Transactions in General Journals


For those of you who work in General Journals, you will be pleased to know that it's now possible to create a General Journal that debits or credits a bank in your general ledger or a credit card in your general ledger.

This improvement to General Journals also allows you to capture the relevant payment method, payment reference, and the contact for that item, creating a withdrawal or deposit in your Actionstep banking. 

New Integrations


Our Technology Partners have been hard at work building new connectors on our API, including integrations around billing, contact syncing, communications, and estate planning.

Check out new integrations here.

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Throughout the month we push a lot of changes and updates.

Stay updated on these changes by checking out our 'What's New' page in our user guide.​

Written by The Actionstep Team