The Top 15 Legal Podcasts for Informed Lawyers

Ah, if only there was a convenient way to stay up to date on the legal industry, get new ideas, and solve problems… but wait… there is! Subscribe to your preferred podcasts and listen at your leisure. But with so many legal podcasts to choose from, where do you start? Here, we have narrowed it down to 15 podcasts about the legal sector that we think are especially worth a listen, covering everything from industry news to legaltech to marketing.

Why Tune into Legal Podcasts?

Most legal podcasts are free and easy to access. And because you don't have to use your hands or eyes to enjoy a show, podcasts make tedious tasks like standing in line and driving more interesting. They also engage your mind while working out or doing chores—all without inflicting the same visual strain that comes with reading and watching videos.

These benefits make podcasts an increasingly popular medium, with the number of podcast listeners in the US projected to increase from 75.9 million to over one billion in 2024. Trusted podcasts keep you informed about emerging legal issues and industry trends. Listening to your favorite speakers interact with guests and legal experts who discuss real-life circumstances can help you generate fresh ideas and find innovative solutions to your own challenges. Below are 15 legal podcasts that can help you learn how to manage a successful law firm, advance your legal career, and stay informed about issues of interest to you, split into five categories:

  • Podcasts for the Legal Entrepreneur
  • Legal Industry News Podcasts
  • LegalTech and Innovation Podcasts
  • Future-Focused Legal Podcasts
  • Law Firm Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts for the Legal Entrepreneur

1. Maximum Lawyer

Maximum Lawyer grew from a best-practices podcast produced by attorneys Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux into a global collaboration of attorneys sharing ideas, resources, solutions, problems, and successes of being a legal entrepreneur.

Interactions with attorneys from a wide range of practice areas provide unparalleled assistance for your firm's long-term planning, everyday practice management, and strategic growth. Titles that are sure to give you a clear-eyed vision of legal entrepreneurship for modern times include:

  • Finding True Confidence and Courage
  • Running Your Law Firm Like a Well-Oiled Machine
  • Running a Law Practice in Modern Times

2. The Law Entrepreneur

After ten years of effort, Neil Tyra was fed up with struggling to grow his legal practice into a thriving business. He then began a journey to scale a successful practice that would actually allow his business to meet its financial goals and him to enjoy a lifestyle he deserves.

In The Law Entrepreneur, Neil enjoys conversations with some of the most successful solo and small firm practitioners, along with leading business entrepreneurs, as he shares how he implements what he learns, all with the goal of helping you take control of your legal practice and your life. Episodes that will help you learn things they didn’t teach about running a business in law school include:

  • Being More Than What is Expected
  • Legal Business Development Isn’t Rocket Science
  • Branching Out from BigLaw to a Solo Firm

3. Financially Legal

Financially Legal is a twice-monthly podcast with accompanying articles about the financial elements of the legal profession and offering inspiration and tactical advice for the small, entrepreneurial, mission-driven, consumer-facing lawyer. Dan Lear, the show's host, is a technology lawyer and legal innovation advocate who is passionate about small law firms trying to make a difference.

Lear delves into both big-picture narratives—interviews with those pushing the boundaries of legal practice—and everyday practical advice to help you manage specific challenges. Lear speaks with law firm leaders, academics, business experts, and thought leaders to deliver intriguing insights on the nexus of finance, economics, and law in informative episodes such as:

  • Why do lawyers struggle to get paid for the work that they do?
  • Do you understand the role of profit in your law firm?
  • Can You Build a Law Practice Representing criminal defendants and abuse survivors?

Legal Industry News Podcasts

4. Bloomberg Law's On The Merits

On the Merits offers you the week's most significant legal headlines, as well as insightful interviews and commentary on a variety of legal issues. You'll hear from a cross-section of the legal industry's voices and viewpoints, including reporters, editors, attorneys, legal academics, and general counsel. Host David Schultz also occasionally references a court filing or legal opinion from the previous week. Stay up to date on a wide range of interests with episodes like:

  • NFL's Flores Suit Illuminates Limits of Rooney Rule
  • Covid Disability Claims Get Some Clarity, But Not Much
  • GE Breakup Presents Tons of Logistical, Legal Issues

5. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Lawyer 2 Lawyer is an award-winning podcast covering relevant, contemporary news from a legal perspective. Industry professionals and Host J. Craig Williams come together to examine current events and recent rulings in discussions that raise thoughtful issues for those in the legal industry to consider. Lawyer 2 Lawyer has been running since 2005, making it one of the longest-running podcasts online.

  • Affirmative Action in Higher Education
  • The Trial in the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery
  • SB8, Its Impact & the Future of Roe v Wade

6. ABA Journal: Modern Law Library Podcast

Listen for analysis and discussion of the latest legal issues and trends on the first Monday of each month. ABA Journal: Modern Law Library is a 2016 Lisagor Award-winning podcast that features discussions of important legal theories and historical events, as well as interviews with notable legal authors. Join Lee Rawles each month to review a recent legal publication and hear discussions with authors from The Modern Law Library books podcast series in episodes like:

  • Regulate cryptocurrencies and fintech products before it’s too late, urges author
  • Need to sharpen your legal writing? 10th Circuit Court judge shares his tips
  • Outcomes in state supreme courts aren't as simple as Blue vs. Red

LegalTech and Innovation Podcasts

7. LawNext

Bob Ambrogi, publisher of LawSites, hosts a weekly podcast called LawNext. Ambrogi is a well-known international speaker and writer on legal technology and innovation. Each week, he speaks with the innovators and entrepreneurs who are shaping the legal industry's future. The topics covered range from the rise of new legal technology companies to changing business models for law firms to increasing access to justice. Learn from Ambrogi and his guests as they discuss the innovative future of law and legal practice in episodes like:

  • The State of E-Discovery in 2022
  • Digitally Transforming the Legal Department
  • Using Billing Data to Drive Diversity in Law Firms

8. Technically Legal

The Technically Legal podcast discusses the latest developments in legal technology, legal innovation, and how technology is impacting the law and the legal industry. During each episode, the host interviews a “mover and shaker” in the legal industry and the legaltech field at the forefront of changes in the delivery and consumption of legal services.

Guests explain how they are using, developing, and implementing legal technology in their legal departments and law firms, as well as how they are pursuing innovation in their respective organizations. The podcast is hosted by Chad Main, an attorney and the founder of Percipient, a tech-enabled alternative legal services provider. Episodes from this ABA Web 100 Best Law Podcasts Honoree include:

  • Avoiding Tech First Failures When Improving Legal Workflows & Processes
  • Using Legal Tech to Create Sustainable Social Change
  • The Ethics of Legal Tech and the Duty to Supervise Robots

9. Digital Detectives

Digital Detectives is a podcast hosted by Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and John W. Simek, who are both professionals in the cyber-security field. It is intended for listeners interested in digital forensics, e-discovery, and information security challenges. Nelson and Simek invite digital forensic and computer security specialists to share their knowledge with listeners on the newest technologies, cyber risks, and critical security procedures to keep online data safe. Stay up to date with the world of cybersecurity in episodes like:

  • Law Firms, Take Notice: The US is Cracking Down on Ransomware Gangs
  • 2022: What’s White Hot in Cybersecurity?
  • Top 10 Tips: Effective Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Law Firm Employees

Future-Focused Legal Podcasts

10. The Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist Podcast is consistently ranked as one of the top legal podcasts, and it comes from an organization whose primary goal is to create a community of small-firm attorneys who are establishing healthy and sustainable law firms for the next 20 years and beyond.

Every week, the Lawyerist team offers interviews with successful attorneys, innovative thought leaders, and creative individuals shaping the future of legal practice. Tune in for author interviews with business and leadership experts, strategy and coaching conversations with Lawyerist Lab members, and discussions about the trends and methods propelling the legal sector forward. Stay well informed about the future of lawyering and law practice through episodes like:

  • What is the Future of Legal Tech?
  • Selling Your Practice
  • Grow as a Leader with These Daily Experiments

11. The LAWsome Podcast

Legal professionals listen to LAWsome every week to stay up to date on the latest in personal and professional development trends. Learn about the legal sector from a variety of angles and run a successful law firm with the latest management and marketing advice. Get concrete guidance for your law practice and legal career from legal experts through in-depth interviews. Oh, and be ready for the occasional reference to ham at random.

Hosts Jake Sanders and Paul Julius chat with prominent attorneys, judges, and industry influencers, as well as law firm growth specialists and business executives on subjects such as:

  • The Best Method to Reduce Invoice Appeals and Increase your Firm’s Cash Flow
  • How Law Firms can use Data to their Advantage
  • The Secret Key to Managing a Successful Firm in Times of Uncertainty

12. Legal Toolkit

Law firm managers can benefit from this comprehensive resource. Each month, Jared Correia, the show's presenter, hosts a panel of forward-thinking attorneys on Legal Toolkit to discuss the services, concepts, and initiatives that have helped them grow their firms. This podcast is a proven winner, having been around for almost a decade already.

Discover the latest trends and business initiatives that can help your law firm improve its day-to-day activities. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from the industry leaders who are setting the bar for the legal, insurance, and law enforcement industries in episodes like:

  • Who Broke Up The Beatles?; Online Networking; and “Creative Team-Building”
  • Scooby Doo; Frightening Things Lawyers Do; and “The Magic of Folklore”
  • Delegating Law Firm Workflows; and “Live From the Playroom”

Law Firm Marketing Podcasts

13. The Game Changing Attorney Podcast

As the legal environment evolved, Michael Mogill, Founder and CEO of Crisp, leveraged his legal marketing expertise to help thousands of lawyers beat the competition and bring in millions of dollars in income. On The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, learn from law firm entrepreneurs and market leaders who thrive despite hardship, defy conventional wisdom, and redefine what it means to be an industry game-changer.

Discover what works to attract your target clients and how marketing and advertising, management and recruiting, corporate culture, and employee engagement all play a role in the larger picture. Guests are successful attorneys and business owners who prove that the key to innovation is a game-changing mindset in episodes like:

  • Strategies Over Tactics: Insights from Renowned Marketing Experts
  • Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Building an Empire
  • Superfans: How to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business

14. Grow Your Law Firm

Discover innovative legal marketing and management techniques available to help you get more cases and more free time for yourself in Grow Your Law Firm's weekly podcast. Host Ken Hardison shares his own hard-won insights and those of his expert guests to provide you with tools and strategies to grow your firm and increase your profits.

Nearly 40 years in the legal field and over a decade assisting other attorneys in growing their own firms have earned Ken the "Millionaire Maker" nickname. Legal marketing and management are hot subjects right now, and this podcast offers some of the brightest legal minds, experts, and thought leaders in the country to discuss them in episodes like:

  • Marketing Through Education
  • Creating A Business Culture to Better Serve Your Clients and Grow your Firm
  • Using A Global Perspective to Grow Your Law Firm

15. Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, presented by digital marketers Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam, gives you a plethora of ideas and tactics for drawing new customers and business to your legal firm. Tune in twice a month for the latest professional advice on how to boost your company's capacity to earn money and increase profits. Get the intelligence you need to remain competitive through episodes like:

  • Online Legal Directories: Worth Your Time (and Dough)?
  • Section 230 and Google My Business
  • “Fascinating Stuff, This Pricing” (Can We Talk About It?)

Bonus: Legal Talk Network

You may have noticed that several of these podcasts are hosted by Legal Talk Network. Founded in 2005, Legal Talk Network hosts podcasts from well-known legal organizations, including the American Bar Association, Thomson Reuters, The Florida Bar, Robert Half Legal, and Above the Law.

Tune into the Legal Talk Network to listen to not one, not two, but over 20 active podcasts that cover important legal news and developments, including access to justice, law school, industry events, legal technology, and the future of law.

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