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Direct access to Dye & Durham search within Actionstep matters

Dye & Durham provides Australian legal, property and financial professionals with regulatory information, workflow technology, property settlement services and legal support solutions. We are a trusted technology and services partner for businesses involved in all stages of property and asset lifecycles. With a rich history of innovation and industry firsts, our customer-centric technology and support services are trusted by Australia’s leading professionals.

Actionstep’s integration with Dye & Durham Search gives Actionstep users direct access to Dye & Durham Search products from within your client matters files.

Direct Dye & Durham Integration

Our direct integration is a simple two way connection to request and receive search results from Dye & Durham.

The benefits of the direct integration include:
  • Instant, integrated access: Search services include property information, company & business information.
  • Save time on admin: Less time rekeying known matter and client data into Dye & Durham
  • Search results where you need them: Direct return of the search results into related matter folders within Actionstep
  • Automated billing: Automatic allocation of associated disbursements to client matters

There is no cost associated with this integration, however, users will need Actionstep and Dye & Durham accounts for the integration to work.

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Need more advanced search integration?
Konekta Dye & Durham Integration

Konekta provides smart connections for Actionstep. Optimised for the conveyancing sector, Konekta provides access to a range of advanced search and compliance connections, including Dye & Durham and PEXA.

Learn about Konekta

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