Faster, efficient conveyancing with integrated services from InfoTrack & Actionstep’s Legal Practice Management Software.

With Actionstep, you now have access to a range of innovative services and tools provided by InfoTrack.

Seamless integration between the two systems empowers your firm to operate more efficiently by providing you with innovative technology and easy access to all the key conveyancing tasks at the click of a button.

Some of the great benefits of accessing InfoTrack through Actionstep include:

  • True integration gives you immediate access to all your conveyancing tasks meaning you only need a single window and a single login
  • Searches, SDLT and AP1 forms on InfoTrack are pre-populated using matter information from Actionstep, removing the need to rekey information
  • All disbursements are automatically posted back through to Actionstep, eliminating the manual entering of cost recoveries
  • All relevant documents ordered through InfoTrack are merged into Actionstep and are stored in InfoTrack for 7 years
  • Free access to REVEAL, the unique data visualisation tool from InfoTrack, enabling you to quickly discover relationships between individuals and companies
  • InfoTrack is subscription free and you only pay for the services you use

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