Automated timesheets by MiTimes do the hard work so you no longer have to.


Mitimes is Automation of Time Recording software which seamlessly integrates with Actionstep PMS and other tools, telephony platform, Office365 and Microsoft Exchange to capture activities and provide a digital workflow for activities to prepopulate timesheet for fee earners. Mitimes was created to address the manual aspect of Legal Practices time recording needs and the associated burden on already time-poor fee earners to find time in their busy day to record their activities. As well as consequence for firms of inconsistent and inaccurate time recording resulting in lost revenue, lack of visibility to true cost of engagements as well as challenges to retain talent in private practice due to perceived lack of support in managing the demands billable work inherently represents

Mitimes Provides Firms With:
  • Increased revenue probability by helping firms capture additional billables
  • Creates better insights for management of budgets, adjustments and write-downs
  • Focus attention on best practise of how best to record time
  • Improved revenue recoverability with the opportunity to reduce lock-up
  • Productivity gain for fee earners to focus on billable activity vs administration
  • Early identification, management and mitigate the risks of write-offs

Mitimes Provides Fee Earners With:
  • Easy one-click time entries by automatic capture of activity to timesheet
  • Consistent accurate capture of time recording in real-time
  • Flexible access across desktop, and smart devices to complete timesheet on the go
  • Improved feeling of achievement, wellbeing, and reduced stress
  • Increased ability to make budget with additional time free for billable activity

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