Accelerate the growth of your business when live virtual receptionists answer your calls and chats 24/7.

Connect to Actionstep through Zapier for a completely hands-off client and lead intake system. receptionists answer your business calls 24/7, then the caller's contact information and call summary is automatically logged in your Actionstep account as a new contact or update a current contact or matter. Set up this integration to spend less time transferring caller data into Actionstep and more time on billable work.

Key Benefits
  • Sync communications in real-time so you have up-to-date info on your clients and leads
  • Customize the Zapier integration to work perfectly with your account
  • Automate follow-up for new leads, current clients, and previous clients who contact your business
  • Receptionists can also qualify and intake leads, schedule appointments, take payments, and more, and log all details in Actionstep

To set up this integration, you'll need a account and a free Zapier account.

Pricing plans start at $210/month for 30 virtual receptionist calls and $140/month for 20 live chats. Your first integration is free. All plans are covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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