More billable hours with automated, AI-powered timekeeping.

Bill better, faster with WiseTime connected to Actionstep.

WiseTime and Actionstep work together to make billing more efficient. Save 30 - 60 minutes a day by eliminating manual entry and reliance on memory. Some users report a 40% increase in billable hours as a direct result of implementing WiseTime.

Simply work as normal; WiseTime accurately captures your activity in a private timeline, and Actionstep IDs are automatically detected in document names and subject fields. With no manual entry or start-stop timers, WiseTime provides a meticulous timesheet of your day’s work, ready for client invoices. You can even add charge codes and descriptions before sending to Actionstep.

Key features

  • Autonomous and AI-powered so you never miss a minute. No start-stop clocks or manual data entry. Captures all computer activity - supports all browsers and apps.
  • Automatic recognition of Actionstep matter IDs; case files are tagged for you
  • Seamless Actionstep connection eliminates data entry and shortens the billing cycle
  • Improved client trust and collection rates through transparent reporting
  • Complete control. Your activity stays private until you say so.Learn more about how we design for end-user privacy.
  • 30-day free trial

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