Use Zapier to link Actionstep with a range of applications like Evernote, Gmail, Trello and many more.

Zapier is an online tool that helps you link different applications together. For example, you can turn an email into an Action, or convert an SMS message into a File Note.

Learn more on the Zapier Website.

Actionstep supports a number of Triggers and Actions and we will continue to add to the list.

The following events in Actionstep can be sent to Zapier:

  • A new matter is created
  • A new contact is created
  • A new task is created
  • A contact is added to a matter
  • A step changes in a matter

Upon receiving a “Zap” you can tell Actionstep to do any of the following things using the contents of the Zap:

  • Create a file note
  • Create a task
  • Create a contact
  • Create a matter
  • Add a contact to a matter
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