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Everything in Express plus:

Everything in Practice Pro plus:

  • Matter Management

    Access, organize, and store all relevant information in one place

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Manage prospective clients using workflows, and convert into happy, engaged clients

  • Workflow Automation

    Actionstep’s workflows allow you to add tasks to each step and set automated reminders, ensuring deadlines are met, and nothing gets missed

  • Time Recording & Expense Tracking

    Record time from anywhere on any device, set multiple timers to run simultaneously, and automatically flow through to billing

  • Intelligent Timesheets

    See all time records and disbursements at a glance, ‘Smart suggestions’ will help fill in the gaps, create activity codes to auto-fill descriptions and rates

  • Hourly & Fixed Fee Billing

    Set up for hourly or fixed fee billing, and link these to workflows

  • Mass Billing

    Reduce the repetition, process multiple bills at once by using predefined templates, setting key dates, and selecting payment terms

  • Trust Accounting

    Stay compliant, track and manage client funds, get full visibility of trust positions across matters, accurate audit trails, full integration with the general ledger

  • QuickBooks Online Integration

    Simple one-click integration, enter in your credentials, and the setup is automatic

  • Xero Integration

    Simple one-click integration, enter in your credentials, and the setup is automatic

  • Microsoft Office plugins

    Access Actionstep without leaving Microsoft Office

  • Gmail Add-in

    Assign emails to matters without leaving Gmail

  • Document Management & Storage

    Store files of any type in matters, create folders, download files, and upload to a matter with simple drag-and-drop functionality

  • 45 Standard Reports included

    45 built-in reports for productivity, matters, billing, trust accounting, conflict checks, and more

  • Contact Management

    Manage all your contacts from one place, view associated matters, and CRM history

  • Calendar Sync

    Continue using your Office 365 or Google calendar, and sync with Actionstep

  • Assign Emails to Matters

    Save emails to matters by forwarding or cc’ing them using a matter-specific email address

  • Conflict Check

    Our one-click conflict check searches across matters, documents, file notes, and email, then the results are time-stamped and saved to a PDF

  • Mobile app for iPhone & Android devices

    Stay connected, work from anywhere, any time, on any device

  • Global Support

    With offices in Europe, Austalasia, and America, you can rest assured that we’re always here to help

  • Bank-Grade Security

    Your data is protected by fully-encrypted transfers with HTTPS technology, making it as secure as Internet banking, ensuring it can’t be viewed or altered

  • 2-Step Authentication

    Add an extra level of security to your login

  • Data Sovereignty

    You choose where your data is located

  • Data Guarantee

    Your data belongs to you, request a full export of your database and files at any time, no questions asked

  • Client Portal

    Share documents and messages to your matter with other parties, using a secure channel

  • Automate Client Intake

    Create enquiry forms for your website, stylize them to reflect your brand and identity, collect details from prospects, and convert the information into a matter

  • Customize Workflows

    Design your own or modify existing workflows

  • Phone Call Log

    Keep track of phone calls from one location

  • Advanced Time Entry

    More options on how your users can create and use time records to suit how your business records time

  • Reassign Work

    Take the work assigned to a staff member and allocate it to another staff member, perfect for reassigning work when an employee leaves

  • Consolidated Billing

    Create a single bill for multiple matters

  • E-Billing

    Use UTBMS and LEDES to code time and expense entries

  • Advanced Trust Accounting

    Get advanced configuration options to help reduce data entry

  • Detailed Audit Trails

    Keep track of staff memeber’s activity and data changes in the system

  • Heads-Up

    Schedule custom reports to get sent straight to your inbox

  • Customize List Views

    Choose what you want to see, create you own reports, combine information from matters, calendars, tasks, and billing

  • Customize Email Templates

    Use our document assembly engine to automate emails by combining data wih email templates

  • Document Templates & Automation

    Save time and avoid data re-entry by creating document templates with merge fields, that use information saved in your system. Create letters, checks, bank deposit slips, and more

  • External Data Reporting

    Customize and access your own reporting and dashboards outside of Actionstep (additional costs may apply).

  • Customize User Permissions

    Get more control over what users can see and do in Actionstep

  • Advanced Calendar Sync

    Synchronize matter information with your Google or Microsoft calendar

  • Send Emails from Matters

    Work efficiently by sending information directly from your matters to staff, clients, and external parties

  • Email Templates

    Save time on text re-entry, and maintain accuracy by creating automated emails templates, using data from your system

  • Matter Type Converter

    Change a matter from one type to another, and retain all information

  • Advanced Search

    Find exactly what you’re looking for, search through matters, documents, file notes, emails, and more

  • Knowledge Base

    An online resource to store your company policies and procedures

  • Multi-currency General Ledger

    Full multi-currency general ledger on cash or accrual basis

  • Banking

    Includes deposits, withdrawals, reconciliations, deposit slips, check series, and more

  • Accounts Receivable

    Track your sales and debtors

  • Accounts Payable

    Track your expenses and creditors

  • Financial Reporting

    Includes balance sheets, income statements, trial balances, and more

  • Multiple Divisions

    Track, tag, and report on transactions by division

  • Dashboards

    Get an overview of your business at a glance, you have full control over layout and display options

  • Actionstep calendar

    Open tasks and matters directly, link appointments to matters, create shared calendars, and view related appointments

  • Advanced Customization
  • Email Aliases

Optional add-ons:

  • Practice Area Workflows

    Download pre-built workflows from our Marketplace

  • App Integrations

    Integrate with applications like NetDocuments and HotDocs from our Marketplace

  • API

    Connect to your favorite applications by using Zapier, or Actionstep’s own API

  • Custom Reporting Download

    Get a download of your important business metrics, and load into your local (or hosted) database server

Optional add-ons:

  • Dedicated Server

    Own a server with as much power as you need

  • Database Backups

    Get periodic backups from Actionstep, and store these locally

  • Priority support

* Prices do not include GST. Optional add-ons and third party integrations may come at an additional cost.