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Our Team

Meet the heart & soul of Actionstep

Our people have a passion for innovating, the courage to break new ground, and a fundamental belief in delivering unquestionable value to our clients. Our team is located across 3 continents and many professional disciplines. We bring a wide range of diverse backgrounds and experiences to our best work to Actionstep every day.

Our core leadership team is listed below.


Leadership Team

Early Stephens

Chief Executive Officer

David Hepburn

Global President

Roger Maloch

Chief Financial Officer

Triona Saunders

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Alaimo

Chief Technology Officer.

Valerie Connell

Senior Vice President, Product

Samantha Lidecka

Vice President, Human Resources

Stevie Mayhew

Vice President, Engineering

Daniella Bohill

Vice President, Customers

Christian McLaughlin

Vice President, Global Partnerships

Oliver Tromp

Regional Vice President, United Kingdom

Mark Jones

Regional Vice President, North America

Zahn Nel

Regional Vice President, Australia and New Zealand