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Outsourced Legal Services UK

Taborn’s Outsourced Legal Services – Guiding UK Solicitors & Barristers to the most efficient and effective solution.

Legal Concierge Outsource

We leverage access to best in class legal, legally based and business resource and bridge the gap for a firm so that they can access these services in the easiest way possible.

EDisclosure / EDiscovery

We procure a cost effective revolutionary way of using this technology meaning that only document 'Hosting' fees are charged and any associated 'Project Management' hours are charged (per hour).

Forensic Accounting

Through access to trusted and discreet forensic accountants, we procure the right solution for your matter in a tailored, affordable way.

Litigation Funding

With a wide and varied range of litigation funders and ATE insurers, we are able to find the optimal solution for the client and leverage any flexibility they may have.

Barristers / PQE Reviwers / Paralegals

With unparalleled access to some of the best legal expertise, we create a streamlined structure that ensures minimal cost wastage.

Risk Management Services

A multi-layered service offering a range of professional services and support which allows clients to make informed intelligence-based decisions.


Our transcription services enable our clients to plan better, get accurate information and target what needs to be achieved for their client.


Through a collaborative approach, we are able to procure a suite of Project Managers, Human Translation, Machine Translation and proofreading to achieve a swift and accurate solution.

About Us

Whether you are a corporate, SME, Family Office, individual or professional service provider, we assess all your legal requirements and recommend the most effective solution. A tailored approach – based on knowledge, not assumptions.