2023 Midsize Law Firm Priorities Report

Welcome to the first annual Midsize Law Firm Priorities Report, where we identify trends, explore the current legal industry landscape, and illuminate the challenges and opportunities that are defining midsize law firms’ priorities in 2023.

We surveyed professionals from midsize law firms around the United States to find out how their organizations are evolving and what they’re anticipating in the next year. We asked and answered important questions, including:

  • What are midsize law firms’ top business priorities for 2023?
  • What do midsize law firm professionals like and dislike about their work?
  • How has a lack of staff or resources impacted the midsize legal market?
  • How can stress at a law firm be alleviated?
  • How can law firms help improve employee and client satisfaction?

Use these findings and our key takeaways to inform your firm’s existing growth, client management and people strategies or to simply get a read on what other law firms are planning for the coming year.

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