July 31st Release

Pre-Release Announcement

Software Release Scheduled for JULY 31st, 2014

Important Changes to the User Interface

On July 31st 2014 we expect to be releasing an exciting update to Actionstep which will have some changes to the user interface.

The main things that you will notice are:

  1. A new “Home” page,
  2. An updated top navigation bar, and
  3. A new way to create and configure actions (matters).

New Home Page

Based on feedback from current and prospective users we have added a new “Home” page to Actionstep.  We asked users what they were most interested in seeing when they first login to Actionstep and this is what we heard.


What Happened, What’s Next?

Users said that after logging in the first question on their mind is “what’s happened since I last logged in, and what do I need to do next?”  This makes perfect sense.  To answer the “what happened” question we have included a social-media style “Activity log” to give you a quick sense of what’s been going on in the firm recently – new file notes, new clients, workflow changes in active matters, etc.

To answer the “what’s next?” question the home page includes personal dashboard panels showing you your calendar, task list, and matters that need your attention.

I’ve got all this stuff in my head, where can I dump it?

Your day is made up of “events”; you talk to someone, have a meeting, or a thought crosses your mind.  You need a place to dump that thought and deal with it later.  That’s how you end up with hastily scribbled notes all over the place.

So we created a personal “scratch pad” for you.  This is your personal space to dump what’s on your mind and move on.  Later you can come back to these notes and do something with them, like record some time, add a follow-up task, create a matter, etc.  And by reusing the note text it saves you some typing.

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar has been reorganized slightly by replacing the icons with text (new users find this easier to understand), and moving the status information to the top of the page.

Creating Actions (matters)

The action type selection now displays as a set of icons which makes it easier to distinguish between types.  The BIG news for administrators is that you can create a new action type directly from this screen if needed!

Other Improvements

This release also includes a raft of usability changes such as:

  • Being able to create tasks from the main menu and home screen,
  • Improved setup pages (company details, my account, my profile, change password)
  • Create new action types on the fly (if you’re an administrator)
  • Create new steps and roles inside actions (if you’re an administrator)
  • New email admin screen and .actionstep.com sub-domains for easy setup and instant receipt of messages.

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