Hear what legal professionals just like you have to say about Actionstep.


Andrew Capelin, Capelin Law (Australia)

“I was attracted to Actionstep for three reasons - the fact that it’s completely cloud-based, the look of the software, and the price. I was using Leap before and it outpointed Leap in all those areas. I’ve been using Actionstep for about a year now and while it’s got its limitations, I think it’s the way to go for a small practice. ”

Evgeny Vasilyev, Genuine Legal (Australia)

“We have been looking for something like Actionstep for decades! Great app. Works from a browser and integrates with GSuite, ASANA etc. Great search and easy to use. ”

Chris Collinge, ByTheRules Conveyancing (Australia)

“Since moving from another well known conveyancing system over a year ago, our productivity and automation improvement has been incredible. We are able to settle hundreds of matters every month – with fewer staff. Being truly browser based, our staff are able to access it from anywhere and with almost anything. We couldn’t be happier. ”

Leith Sinclair, LS Family Law (Australia)

“Actionstep is incredibly accessible and logical, making the practice of family law that little bit easier. With all relevant information on one screen, at the touch of a button, communicating with clients and keeping them up to date with all aspects of their matter has never been easier. Current fees? Not a problem! Last correspondence? Right in front of you! Contact number for any person involved the matter? It is all right there, where and when you need it. Even better, Actionstep can create tasks and manage them for you. It is almost like having a PA in your pocket. Even though I am already ‘up and running’ with this user-friendly product, I just know there are countless features I have yet to discover to further increase efficiency and productivity. ”

Craig Lesok, Lesok Law

“My practice consists of Real Estate and Collections. It does not fall within a general “litigation” program. Actionstep allows the user to create a flowchart with step-by-step guidance for any variety of cases. Perfect for foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc. Customer service is great from start to finish and the price can’t be beat! ”

Katherine L. Taylor, Taylor Law

“I searched specifically for a program that would allow me to handle my front office (client and case management) and back office (financial accounting) needs, and this does the job. We have been able to get our bills out more quickly and my bookkeeper loves it. The user interface is clean and the response rate is rapid. Information is so much easier to find in Actionstep than in the program we used before (PCLaw). The search function is powerful. ”

Andrew Blake, Office Manager, Regent Law

“When comparing Actionstep with the practice management system of Regent Law, Actionstep won hands down.

Actionstep has scaled up well. Support has been available with less than a 30 second wait for over 90% of our calls and the staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. This has allowed us to build a paperless office, and if it weren’t for a couple of dated government websites requiring Internet Explorer running on Windows only, and for a reliance (though decreasing) on Microsoft Word – the world would be perfect!

3 months ago Regent Law used 3 rooms to store over 8000 physical files, which overflowed into all of the employees offices and desks. It was hard to locate files and to find where things were up to and who had done what. Now, other than 2 deeds cabinets, we have about 12 inches approximately of physical files and an empty matters cabinet. There are no physical files in lawyers offices, other than the 1 file they are currently working on. Instead of printing one ream of paper a day, we do less than 1 a week – just documents for signing.

Actionstep keeps track of who has done what when, and what is coming next when. It groups communications and documentation, and makes this information available through any web browser and can be accessed from tablets and mobiles. The Microsoft Word and email generation tools save time. We are moving towards using more an more of Actionstep’s features and will hopefully become more and more efficient and profitable.

Going forward, as much as we believe that Actionstep gives us a competitive advantage and would like to be the only firm using it – in fairness we couldn’t recommend Actionstep enough. ”

Peter Mericka, Lawyers Conveyancing

“Law is a dynamic industry, and I don’t want to be shackled to a practice management system that limits my ability to expand and adapt.

Over the past 20 years I have used or test-driven most of the practice management systems created for lawyers, and I have found that Actionstep is the only one that gives me the tools and the flexibility to do what I want. I now have a web-based instruction form that a new client can complete, and which automatically populates the data fields in the Actionstep matter file.

Each matter file has its own unique email address, so that all email communications are automatically linked to the relevant matter as they are created or received. Add to these all of the features found in other management systems, and the power of Actionstep is quite apparent.

Nothing else comes close to Actionstep. ”

Debbie Foster, Partner, Affinity Consulting Group

“We have many clients who have always used server based software who have been contemplating going to a cloud solution. Because of the flexibility of Actionstep, and the depth of front and back office flexibility, we have successfully migrated firms to Actionstep.

The workflow and automation features have proven to be an important factor for our clients when it comes to increasing efficiency and profitability. ”

Darren Kruse, Kruse Legal

“We’re just delighted with the product. We just moved from LEAP to Actionstep… it’s faster and so much more flexible. It’s a product you live your entire working day in… Actionstep is a beautiful practice management system as it molds to me. ”

David Colbert, Founder, Law In Order Ltd

“We have used Actionstep for 7 years. It is an indispensable tool to the running of our business. Most of our staff work remotely and Actionstep enables them to do this easily. We could not be happier with the functionality and features of the product, nor with the customer service. ”