AI, Data Security, and Client-Centric Power Moves: Our Takeaways from ILTACON 2023

The legal tech industry’s most anticipated event, ILTACON, recently wrapped up its 2023 edition in Orlando, Florida, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement and fresh insights into the evolving legal technology sector. This year’s event drew legal professionals, technology providers, and industry experts from around the globe and was a testament to the transformative power of technology in the legal sector. With more than 3,000 people in attendance this year, we certainly felt the energy on both the show floor and in the educational sessions. Our team was thrilled with the opportunity to connect with so many legal professionals at the ample social and networking opportunities, including the 25th Annual ILTA Golf Tournament and NetDocuments’ Client Appreciation Party. Reflecting on the week-long event filled with learning, networking, and fun, our team walked away with important takeaways: AI and automation is poised to explode in adoption in the legal industry ,data security and privacy continue to be critically important, and a shift to a more client-centric approach to legal delivery and innovation. 

1. The rise of AI and automation

The expanding role of artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI, and automation in the legal industry was the clearest standout theme at ILTACON 2023. Legal professionals, who approached generative AI cautiously just months ago, are now increasingly turning to AI-powered solutions to streamline their workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance client service. More specifically, the legal industry stands poised to lead “language AI” due to the practice of law being built on the intentional and meaningful use of language, and a new level of excitement was clear. Both legal practitioners and technology providers are rapidly innovating, adopting, and creating value that delivers using AI.

Another reoccurring discussion was how automation, further benefitted by generative AI solutions, fits into the streamlining of legal practice workflows and legal practice management. Our Actionstep team had many great conversations with individuals on the tradeshow floor and during events about intuitive automation and it can exponentially increase efficiency in law firms. When firms apply intuitive automation in their practice, paired with a solid technology ecosystem, it ensures that all the tools your team uses are communicating and sharing data so that work is completed efficiently.

Ethical concerns surrounding generative AI and the responsible use of technology were also at the forefront of discussions. Despite the excitement, presenters and attendees stressed the importance of ensuring that technology is used responsibly to uphold legal ethics and professional standards. ILTACON attendees left the conference with heightened awareness of the ethical implications of their use of technology.

Whether you’re ready or not, AI and automation is here to stay in the legal industry and it’s important to stay up to date on the latest best practices and regulations. In one conference session, we were able to preview highlights from the nextILTA Legal Technology Survey and are eager to further understand AI adoption rates and firm attitudes towards AI usage upon its’ upcoming release.

2. Importance of data security and privacy

Other conversational buzz at ILTACON 2023 centered around growing concerns over data breaches and privacy violations. The conference featured several comprehensive educational sessions addressing data security and compliance. Attendees actively engaged in these discussions and workshops, seeking guidance on implementing robust cybersecurity measures, complying with evolving regulations, and safeguarding sensitive client information.

The prevalence and sophistication of cyber security threats, along with the obvious sensitivity of firm client information, continues to highlight the critical need for investment in top-tier, cutting-edge security measures to stay ahead of threats to data privacy.

3. Client-centric innovation at the forefront

What our team may have been most excited to hear throughout ILTACON 2023 was the emphasis of putting clients at the center of legal service delivery. At Actionstep, wefirmly believe in a client-centric approach to legal practice management and that using automation is key to delivering exceptional client services.

Educational sessions highlighted the importance ofessential technology capabilitiesdesigned to enhance the client experience,includingstreamlined client intake processes, secure portals for confidential document sharing, and transparent billing practices. Attendees took the message to heart that thesetools and approaches empower law firms to better understand their clients’demands to deliver more personalized and timely legal services.

By implementing the right legal practice management platform and complementary tools,legal professionals can significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, instead enabling them to devote more time to cultivating stronger and more meaningful client relationships.

In retrospect, ILTACON 2023 surpassed expectations with an energetic and large turn out and we were thrilled to be a part of the week’s activities and educational sessions. Our key takeaways from ILTACON reinforce thepivotal roles that AI, data security, and client-centric innovation play in shaping the future of legal technology. As the legal tech landscape continues to evolve, professionals in the field need to embrace these changes and innovations to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly digital and client-centric world.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Australian Midsize Law Firm Priorities Report to learn more about how midsize law firms are thinking about their clients and technology, as well as our second annual US report.

Written by The Actionstep Team