Bytherules explains how they built a rapidly growing conveyancing business, using Actionstep to enable remote working & consistent delivery quality.

Managing Director, Chris Collinge at Bytherules (incredibly easy conveyancing) Australia, specialises in property conveyancing. The firm has expanded using a franchise model to grow rapidly throughout Australia and other locations. Bytherules chose Actionstep as their technology platform to enable the remote working capabilities central to their model and unlock their potential to growth & expand their firm.

Chris Collinge, Managing Director of Bytherules Conveyancing explains: "Once we decided that we wanted to grow geographically, we needed a platform to allow us to do that. We found Actionstep and never looked back!".

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How Has Implementing Actionstep Changed Bytherules?

The Team at Bytherules Conveyancing discuss four key factors for their success which they link to using Actionstep – remote and virtual working capabilities, transparency on activities across the firm, keeping the focus on consistent client care and better client communications.

1. Remote & Virtual Working

Bytherules has over 50 people working at a number of locations and often from home offices. The whole team needs to operate from one system, with standard client protocols and processes for completing matters. Because Actionstep is 100% cloud-based, both franchisees and office-based staff can access the same system and client information to deliver a consistent client experience regardless of location.

2. Transparency Across the Team

Practice Manager, Carolynne Peebles, talks about the importance of transparency across the firm in relation to file handling, saying "Actionstep has allowed really good transparency of tasks. If someone is away, they can delegate tasks and another team member can open the file and see exactly what stage it's at and what tasks are required".

3. Keeping Focus on Client Care With Great User Experiences

Verelle Southgate, Operations Manager described Actionstep as very user- friendly since its interface is easy to navigate and understand. Actionstep provides fast access to common features and commands and well-structured menus to locate different tools and preferences. Practice Manager, Carolynne Peebles also talks about how Actionstep's ease of use gives lawyers more time to focus on their clients. "By giving our lawyers and franchisees a systemised practice management system, that works really easily, it frees up their time to focus on client service".

4. Client Communications

Many firms struggle with client communications, particularly when they are growing or operating in a virtual model, where support resources are not readily available. Bytherules have used Actionstep to automate client communications a great deal to give clients timely communications. For example, telling them what's going to happen when, and which upcoming dates they need to be aware of - making for informed, happy clients!

At Actionstep, we are inspired by future-focused law firms like By The Rules, using innovative thinking and business models to embrace the changing legal sector and enhance the future of their firm.

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