Lawyers Conveyancing Australia tells us how Actionstep powers their practice, builds a strong client base and simplifies how they manage their business.

Peter Mericka, Principal Lawyer at Lawyers Conveyancing Australia, saw that client behaviour was rapidly changing in line with our increasingly online work and home environments. Potential clients research and find lawyers online, they like to communicate informally, they want information quickly and they ask to be updated regularly on progress.

To stay ahead of these changes, Peter wanted a system for his law firm that allowed a smooth transition from online search to happy clients - taking the pressure off his team in relation to client administration and communications.

He identified Actionstep as the practice management system that truly embraced the online, cloud-based environment we live in, as well as having all the capabilities his team needed to manage their clients and work efficiently.

What changed for Lawyers Conveyancing after implementing Actionstep?

The team at Lawyers Conveyancing identified 5 key improvements which they attributed to using Actionstep – access to the system on the go, improved client experience, more efficient work practices, more intuitive ways of doing things and business oversight.

1. Access on the go

Being able to access Actionstep anytime, from anywhere was a key driver for Peter in choosing a practice management system for Lawyers Conveyancing. As a completely cloud-based system, Peter logs in and stays on top of tasks so matters can keep moving while he is out of the office. So, his team aren’t waiting for input, communication is constant and client work gets delivered faster.

2. Improved client experience

Peter’s clients love Actionstep because the client intake process and overall experience has improved. Information accuracy issues - like misspellings, typos or double entry - associated with paper-based forms or unconnected systems have disappeared. Actionstep’s automated client intake process means that clients fill out an online form, which feeds directly into their matter file, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Routine client communications are also automated so updates are delivered once a task is complete and clients always feel like they know what’s next.

3. More efficient work practices

Peter has customised Actionstep’s workflow to suit his way of working - it prompts him to review work at certain milestones or others to take action in relation to specific tasks. It also automates many routine communications and updates, getting rid of administrivia like chasing colleagues, emailing client updates, answering progress questions and filling out multiple forms.

4. More intuitive ways of doing things

Peter talks about how you can make Actionstep as simple or as complicated as you want.

Peter describes the “beauty of Actionstep” as being “adaptable to the needs and wants of the lawyer rather than having a system imposed on you.”

Because workflows can be customised to your ways of working, you can keep the processes you know work well, but make them significantly smoother through automation and prompts.

5. Business oversight

Previously, it was impossible to keep an eye on everything and everyone all of the time. With Actionstep, Peter can ensure staff, files and clients are all properly supervised. Knowing what’s happening across the firm is a great source of comfort and allows him to focus more on his clients.


At Actionstep, we are inspired to work with law firms like Lawyers Conveyancing Australia, who embrace changing client behaviour and secure the future of their firm using technology that both organises how they work and enhances client experience.

Written by Actionstep Product Team