4 Reasons Estate Planning Attorneys Need Flexible Legal Practice Management Software

Estate planning attorneys play a vital role during some of the most significant moments of their clients’ lives. The complexity of these moments requires high levels of organization, efficiency, and accuracy on the part of your law firm. By streamlining and simplifying your firm’s workflow, flexible legal practice management software helps you reinforce the strong, long-term client relationships that are critical for creating a sustainable estate planning business model.

Here are four reasons why law firm software is key for effectively building and managing an estate planning practice.

1. Never Miss an Estate Planning Milestone

From marriage to buying a house to setting up a legacy, estate planning attorneys need to stay up to date on their clients’ major life events. Legal practice management software eliminates the need to manually keep track of these milestones and guarantees that your firm is proactively engaging with your clients at the right time. Client Management tools allow you to anticipate your clients’ major milestones and automatically reach out based on their age, status, or other activity. Your law firm can send these client communications both individually and through group engagements.

2. Build Predictable Profitability

Another important benefit of legal practice management software for estate planning firms is the ability to create a steady and predictable flow of incoming work. Through workflow automation, you can set up your files to automatically maintain and trigger contact with clients at regular intervals, such as sending reminders for a client to update their will or schedule a routine appointment. Reporting tools also provide strategic information about your billing, practice areas, staff, time recording, and clients so you can manage and grow your business more efficiently.

3. Have Complete Confidence in Your Client Records

Your estate planning clients trust you to take care of their most sensitive information, including personal and financial data, so it’s important that your firm’s record-keeping is both accurate and secure. This is where legal practice management software document automation comes in extremely handy. Starting from client intake, document automation tools pull live data from your legal matters and directly into preconfigured will, trust or other estate planning document templates with just one click. You and your clients can be entirely confident that the data being used through document assembly and communication is 100% up-to-date and correct. State-of-the-art data security and encryption also provides peace of mind and protects your client’s information from data breaches.

4. Maximize the Margin on Your Fixed Fees

Document automation doesn’t just mean more accurate records by reducing human error—it also means you can assemble estate planning documents much more quickly and increase the margin on your fixed fees. By leveraging templated documents, your team can avoid re-entering and reviewing the same data time and again, potentially saving hundreds of hours every year. Document management also means you’ll save time organizing and tracking down the files you need at any given moment.

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These are just a few of the ways that configurable, all-in-one legal practice management software can benefit your estate planning law firm. Find out more about how estate planning attorneys use Actionstep’s features here, or get in touch with our team today to set up a demo.

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Written by The Actionstep Team