Smart connections to GlobalX, PEXA, InfoTrack, First Title, and more directly from within your matters, optimised for Conveyancing.

Konekta provides smart connections for Actionstep. Optimised for the conveyancing sector, Konekta provides access to a range of advanced search and compliance connections between Actionstep and essential industry tools.

Konekta gives Actionstep users:

  • An optimised Actionstep experience for conveyancing firms in Australia.
  • Best-in-class conveyancing matter workflows and precedents to give firms full control over every stage of sale, purchase and transfer transactions.
  • Connections with PEXA, GlobalX, Infotrack and First Title Insurance and access to their full range of products from within Actionstep matters. Others coming soon…
  • Advanced search automation between Actionstep & key search providers, including pre-population of property field details on property searches - saving time and eliminating errors from rekeying.
  • A settlement calculator to quickly and simply add the required adjustments, payees and produce a PDF statement for settlement.
  • One solution to all the conveyancing integrations conveyancing firms need.


$49.00 per firm/month per state

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